Welcome to Fidelity Life Stands Online Payment Portal.

Before you click the pay button below, just ensure you have your payment device(Ecocash Cellphone, Tablet, etc) or card near you. For Zimswitch, you need to activate your Debit card first by clicking here. Ensure you have access to your bank statement as the process of activation requires you to state a small random refundable deduction from your bank account. For Ecocash, an instruction will popup on your Ecocash Registered Phone or you may follow instructions that will appear on this screen. Payments can also been done using International VISA or Mastercard Cards. Just ensure you have your card number and CVC(security 3 digit code found at the back of the card).

It is also of paramount importance that you have a reliable email account. We recommend using Gmail as it has proven track record of efficiency. If you do not have an email account, please click here to create one


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